Friday, June 26, 2009

Alexisonfire- The Math Sheet Demo

This three song demo from Ontario post-hardcore band Alexisonfire contains the first two songs the band wrote together (the first and third track). With that said it's pretty clear, even from an early demo, that this band is incredibly intense and versatile. The Math Sheet Demo ranges from bouncy hardcore-punk to progressive rock to screamo back to post-hardcore. Both tracks one and three (in my opinion) could benefit from being trimmed in length (both around 5 minutes) but the length of the tracks overall doesn't take away from them. The best song here is track two because it has a good amount of energy and neat tempo changes everywhere. If you're a fan of the band definitely check this out and Alexisonfire just released their new album, Old Crows/Young Cardinals, so check that out as well because it's pretty damn good.

Track Listing:
1. The Philosophical Significance of Shooting My Sister in the Face: An Essay By James Secord
2. Counterparts and Number Them
3. Little Girls Pointing and Laughing

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