Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly- New Demos

The UK's "folktronica" band Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly posted some new demos on their myspace page recently. Of the demos so far "The Uprising" is my favorite. Sam's voice sounds amazing and the music is beautiful. "Tinsletown" is a simple, stripped down acoustic song with good lyrics (though they're not my favorite of his). The demos may or may not be showing up on GCWCF's third full length that the band said tentatively was going to be called Together There Is Hope. For those who have never heard of GCWCF, they're really the one-man-band of Sam Duckworth who sings socially conscious lyrics, plays acoustic guitar, and then adds electronic beats and other such layers to the songs.


GCWCF- The Uprising
GCWCF- Tinsletown

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