Sunday, June 14, 2009

Say Anything- the EPs

Say Anything's 2004 album ...Is A Real Boy was, hands down, my favorite album that year and is still a great listen. But their last album In Defense of the Genre, I felt like while it was cool that the double discs told a story, a good number of the songs could have been cut. It was much less punk rock than IARB and all of the electronic effects that were added just made the album seem disposable. Anyways, these are the Say Anything eps all of which are great. My personal favorite is the Menorah/Mejora ep from 2002 even though it's a little sloppy in some parts. The For Sale ep is my next favorite. It has three songs from ...Is A Real Boy and two previously unreleased tracks that are excellent (I took out two tracks that were the same as the album versions and left a demo version for you). Junior Varsity is good although it does sound like their ripping off Saves the Day in most of the songs (that said, I'd still probably listen to it before the IDOTG). Say Anything are releasing their fourth full length album late this summer and it supposedly is musically different from any of their previous works.


1. A Walk Through Hell
2. You Help Them
3. Try to Remember, Forget
4. By Tonight
5. Baseball, but Better
6. Transylvanian
7. I Want to Know Your Plans

For Sale...:
1. Belt
2. We Will Erase All Life On Earth But Us
3. Slumming It With Johnny

Junior Varsity:
1. The Last Great Punk Rock Song
2. Dreaming of Manhattan
3. She Got Away
4. High School Low

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