Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jawbreaker "Kiss the Bottle" Covers

A few good people over on brought to my attention the cover Jawbreaker cover of "Kiss the Bottle" that Lucero did and have been doing for some time. Now, personally I have always had a problem with the recorded version of the song that Jawbreaker did and eventually ended up on their Etc. compilation. Don't get me wrong, here because it's probably one of the most powerful Jawbreaker songs in my opinion, I just don't think the recorded version shows that. Now is when the Lucero cover comes in. Spinning the song with a little country twang and slowing it down Lucero instills all of the anger and sorrow and self pity that are in the lyrics of the song. Although I still believe that the live versions of Jawbreaker preforming the song also achieve this (to a greater extent) the cover is still nothing short of amazing. I also found a few other "Kiss the Bottle" covers one by the Foo Fighters and one by Sparta but neither of them compare to the Lucero version.

Lucero- Kiss the Bottle
Foo Fighters- Kiss the Bottle
Sparta- Kiss the Bottle

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