Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gatsby's American Dream- In the Land of Lost Monsters EP

The In the Land of Lost Monsters ep was Gatsby's American Dream's third release and the most controversial of their albums among fans. The album songs that are much more conventional than what the band usually wrote because of pressure from being told by record labels that no one would sign them because their songs didn't have choruses. The band later released the ep digitally on the Snakes and Suits website with four remixed tracks. Overall it's a solid, catchy ep but when compared to their later work it doesn't really compare. The remixed tracks are great additions to the ep, especially "The Dragon of Pendor". Gatsby's American Dream took an unofficial hiatus in 2007 and since then the band members have started various side projects (Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Search/Rescue, Wild Orchid Children etc). I highly recommend checking out the self titled debut from Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground. They sort of remind me of Portugal. the Man which is great.

Track Listing:
1. I Smell an Agenda
2. Red, Red, Blue
3. The Badlands
4. Yes, This Is About You (Remix)
5. A Conversation with the Devil (Remix)
6. The Dragon of Pendor (Remix)
7. You Stole My Story (Remix)


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