Sunday, June 14, 2009

Modest Mouse- The Moon and Antarctica Demos

I just realized recently that I haven't posted any MM rarities, which makes me look like a total dumbass because this blog is a word play on one of their albums. After I pulled my palm from my forehead I dug these babies out. First off, M&A is probably my favorite Modest Mouse album as a whole (though some of my favorite songs are on Lonesome Crowded West). Most of these demos are pretty similar to the versions that showed up on the album, especially the vocals. There are also two unreleased tracks on the demo that are well worth the listen ("Roof of My Mouth" (which is featured at the end of "A Different City" on the album) and "Willful Suspension"). There is also one track missing (thought to be either "Stars Are Projectors" or "Calculus Man"). But other than that they're an awesome listen, especially the raw and completely badass version of "A Different City". Modest Mouse is about to release a new EP in August.

Track Listing:
1. Third Planet
2. Gravity Rides Everything
3. Life Like Weeds
4. You're The Good Things
5. Dark Center Of The Universe
6. Perfect Disguise
7. What People Are Made Of
8. -missing-
9. Paper Thin Walls
10. Lives
11. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
12. Roof Of My Mouth
13. A Different City
14. The Cold Part
15. Alone Down There
16. Willful Suspension

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  1. Great music, thank you! Is there any chance of getting flac versions or a CD trade?