Friday, September 4, 2009

Three Summers Strong- We Will Get There + If You Change...

Three Summers Strong is a kick-ass punk rock band from the UK who I've just recently discovered. Their songs are upbeat, with catchy anthemic choruses, and lyrics that are relatable and that are about things that matter (Think Latterman, The Riot Before, O Pioneers!!!, and The Gaslight Anthem (Sink or Swim era)). The band's demo, We Will Get There, is a collection of four acoustic songs, two of which were rerecorded for the band's ep, If You Change The Way You Look At Things, The Things You Look At Change. One of my favorite songs by the band (I know it may be a bit premature to say things like that but whatever, I do what I want) is also on WWGT, the Gaslight Anthem/Hot Water Music Esq "Let's Get This Song Airplay!" Three Summers Strong's most recent release is the aforementioned If You Change The Way... and it's a five song, full band recording. The ep is filled with uptempo punk rock that sounds like it's straight out of Gainesville. Highly recommended.

We Will Get There (Demo):
1. We Don't Need No Introduction!
2. I Will Write
3. Let's Get This Song Airplay!
4. Sink Or Swim

If You Change The Way...:
1. Lovers, Sinners, Saints
2. Lock and Key
3. I Will Write
4. A Life Worth Waiting For?
5. Sink Or Swim

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  1. Great stuff. I look forward to hearing more from this band. Check 'em out folks!!!
    Good Blog, thanks for posting this & all the other mighty fine bands.