Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paramore- Tour Preview Pack

I get why people don't like Paramore. Too poppy, too simple, and, yeah, some of their songs sound the same. But whatever, the way I see it is this: I'd much rather listen to a Paramore song than a Nickelback song (or Papa Roach or Hinder etc.). And while I do loath the song "Decode," pretty much all of their songs are incredibly catchy, with huge choruses, and lyrics people can relate to. Not to mention their drummer is a fucking monster (seriously, listen to "Let the Flames Begin" or "For A Pessimist.."). Basically I can see why other people don't like them, but it's hard for me not to. This is the "tour preview pack" for Paramore's upcoming tour with the Swellers and Paper Route. It only features one song from each band, which is a bummer but for all those art lovers, there's printable tour posters and all that jazz, as well as random coupons (one of them says $5 off fan club membership but I wasn't aware being in a fan club cost money... kind of a rip off). Anyway Paramore's track is the acoustic version of "Ignorance," the first singe off their new album and it sound pretty good. I was super excited when I heard the Swellers because they don't suck but they're recently signed to Fueled By Ramon (a label that probably hasn't signed a good band since they signed Paramore in, what, 2005?). They are a pop-punk band but not the nauseatingly over produced kind that we're used to. It's a little strange to see Paper Route on this bill but whatever, they're good.

Track Listing:
1. Paramore- "Ignorance (acoustic)"
2. The Swellers- "Fire Away"
3. Paper Route- "Gutter"

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