Monday, September 14, 2009

Portugal. the Man- Autumn Tour 2009 EP

This is the free sampler that PtM just posted on their website to celebrate their current tour with Drug Rug, Hockey, and Robert Francis (AND one incredibly random but equally awesome date with the Get Up Kids). The ep features two songs from each of the four bands, with the exception of Robert Francis who only has one song. The two songs by PtM are off of their latest album, The Satanic Satanist, and are some of my favorites on the record ("Do You" and "People Say"). I'd never heard of Hockey before this sampler but they sound pretty good. Sort of like a dancier, punkier version of the Strokes (that description didn't really do them justice but they're pretty good, trust me). Robert Francis is an indie/folk/singer-songwriter that has a retro feel to his music. Drug Rug has the most in common with PtM musically out of all of these bands/artists. They're sound is a more chill version of The Satanic Satanist with a lot more pot and lo-fi thrown into the mix.

Track Listing:
1. Too Fake- Hockey
2. Wanna Be Black- Hockey
3. Do You- Portugal. The Man
4. People Say- Portugal. The Man
5. Nightfall- Robert Francis
6. Coffee In The Morning- Drug Rug
7. Never Tell- Drug Rug

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