Saturday, September 19, 2009

Less Than Jake- Better Class of Losers

I feel like when I started this blog I was posting a lot of ska and for one reason or another I don't anymore, so this is for all of those fellow ska fans (way to stick with it). Anyways, Better Class of Losers is a Less Than Jake ep released on cassette in the very early days of the band (I couldn't find a date but 1994-ish). Also, some of the songs on the ep were rerecorded for the band's debut, the beloved Pezcore. The quality of the recording is pretty good considering it's a old cassette recording. The songs on the ep are amazing, old-school Less Than Jake. They're upbeat, aggressive, catchy, and most importantly have horn sections (I'm glaring at you In With the Out Crowd). Classic. Seriously. I used to listen to Losing Streak and Pezcore every day. I love this band and you should too.

Track Listing:
1. Liquor Store
2. Shotgun
3. Big
4. 24 Hours In Paramus
5. Down In the Mission
6. St. James Hotel


  1. This is pretty excellent, thank you.

    I have been on a huge LTJ kick as of late and have grown to appreciate a few tracks on IWTOC that I previously didn't care for at all. At least GNV FLA was a solid release and more than made up for their previous mistake.

  2. IWTOC was alright after I got over the original shock of the first listen (although getting over it took a while). It's hard to imagine LTJ as anything but a ska band and IWTOC definitely wasn't a ska album. But as you said they somewhat redeemed themselves with GNV FLA.