Friday, September 18, 2009

The Taxpayers- A Rhythm In the Cages

I was wondering around the Quote-Unquote Records website as I do and stumbled upon this gem. Apparently it was a part of their "Maximum Summer" deal where they posted a new album every week until labor day for free (obviously). Sure, not all of the albums were new but they were to QUQ and they're free so I'll let it slide. Anyways, The Taxpayers are a punk/folk band from Portland, Oregon and honestly when I first listened to this record I wasn't a huge fan. HOWEVER, after giving a second chance, I am thoroughly impressed. This band makes so much noise it's ridiculous and despite that they are still catchy (maybe not in the pop-punk sense that people are used to *cough*Fall Out Boy*cough*, but really who wants that anyways?). The Taxpayers do Latterman-Esq punk rock and Against Me!-Esq ballads. Their charm is in their imperfections. The bad quality recording, the singer's scratchy voice, and some sloppy playing; if the band didn't have any of that, there would be less keeping them from sounding like every other punk band, which they aren't. I especially like the band's lyrics. There's something about how simple they are that makes them great. I'm also a sucker for any song with lyrics that tell a story, and many of their do. I would highly recommend this band to anyone.

Track Listing:
1. Never Getting Warm
2. White Walls
3. This Building Is Falling Down
4. Dig Too Deep
5. No Lodging For The Mad
6. Needle's Eye
7. Militaristic Kitchen
8. Cuyuahoga Canal
9. Stealing Apples From The Man
10. Bike Cops
11. Montana
12. There Is Trouble

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