Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jawbox- Demo

This is the 1990 demo from the Washington D.C. post-hardcore/indie rock band Jawbox. The demo is excellent (both the songs and the quality). Though the release as a whole may not be as strong as their full lengths, almost all of the songs are good. Some of the songs on the demo also show up on their fist full length Grippe but are significantly different ("Tools and Chrome," "Bullet Park," "Consolation," "Paint Out the Light" etc). I can't begin to explain how much of an impact this band has had on my life. Every one of their albums, splits, and singles are worth listening to on repeat.

Track Listing:
1. Tools and Chrome
2. Bullet Park
3. Beneath the Wheel
4. Footbinder
5. Consolation
6. Paint Out the Light
7. Motherlode
8. Something Must Break

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