Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bear vs. Shark- 1653

This is the self-released debut from Michigan post-hardcore band Bear vs. Shark. A good majority of this ep ended up redone on their debut album Right Now, You're In the Best Hands.. (I count five of the eight on this ep). As a whole the ep is excellent and it is a little disappointing they didn't re release it because all of the songs are truly great. The musical arrangements are complex but not difficult to listen to, the vocals/lyrics are both raw and thoughtful, and most important it's fun. This band broke up way too early in their career and if you haven't heard their two full lengths, do so immediately because they will blow your mind.

Track Listing:
1. Campfire
2. United Tribes Of Pangea
3. Kylie
4. California Hotseat
5. Michigan
6. Remember This Assignment
7. Bloodgiver
8. Ma Jolie

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