Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bomb the Music Industry!- Others! Others!

Yay! another excuse to post BtMI! This is a rarities comp of random covers, demos, and songs that didn't make it on any of the records. It includes BtMI!'s side of their split with Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine and a few tracks from other comps and 7 inches they've done. Some of these songs have been floating around on the internet for some time now, but this album takes away the hassle of trying to find them. I think Scrambles, their latest album, is going to be made more available on vinyl, with the blue vinyl collective exclusive selling out pretty quickly so go buy it!

Track Listing:
1. This Gracless Planet(We Versus the Shark Cover)
2. Tell My Boss, "I Hate You"
3. This Year For Presidents' Day, I'm Giving Up on Rock and Roll
4. 4 Inches! (Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine Cover)
5. Come On, This Shit is Getting RIDICULOUS.
6. If Assholes Got Awards, I'd Have a Trophy Case(Infamous Jake and the Pinstripe Mafia Cover)
7. All Alone in My Big Empty Apartment (Demo)
8. This is a Singalong (Original Version)
9. The Soul Crushing Northeast
10. D13 4 YR G0V3RNM3NT(Anti-Flag Megamix)
11. Little Brother(Andrew Jackson Jihad Cover)
12. Pog (Demo)
13. Gold Soundz (Pavement Cover)

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