Friday, August 7, 2009

The Wild- The Wild EP

I found this ep while paroosing around the Quote Unquote Records website and was pleasantly surprised. The Wild, based in Atlanta, sound like a more chill version of Defiance, Ohio but instead of violins, The Wild sprinkles harmonica on their tracks to make things interesting. Most of their songs are to a similar vein of This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb's Front Seat Solidarity and have politically/ socially based lyrics. Definitely good stuff. The Wild are currently touring random dates around the country so check that out, and if you like the ep you can donate money to the band, buy a physical copy of the ep, or be the reason the band has to stop making music because you didn't contribute.

Track Listing:
1. They Too Will Know
2. The City That Never Sleeps
3. We Will Drive These Warlords Out
4. We Shall Overcome
5. Oh, Alex

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