Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weatherbox- An Introduction to The Cosmic Drama

I'm not really sure if it's completely legit for me to post this, but was giving it away for free so to me that's fair game (plus I can never resist anything Weatherbox related). All five songs that are in this ep-sort-of-thing are from Weatherbox's new album The Cosmic Drama, which comes out in September, and all of them are amazing. Complex musical arrangements, time changes around every corner, and thoughtful, creative lyrics make for an amazing group of songs. It also makes the wait for the entire album even harder. The vinyl pre-order went up on VC about a week ago so you should definitely check that out, especially since the record is only being released on vinyl and in digital formats (and on the 200 cassettes of the un-mastered version). This album is one of my most anticipated of the year and the Intro is proof that it won't disappoint.

Track Listing:
1. That Mann
2. Ask My Flashlight
3. Don't Say Nice Things
4. YouTube the Clouds (Anything That Flies)
5. No Hands (Anything That Moves)

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