Monday, August 3, 2009

Jets To Brazil- Orange Rhyming Dictionary Demos + Bootleg

Blake Schwarzenbach is one of the greatest songwriters of our generation. There, I said it. His lyrics are the perfect balance of raw, clever, and emotional. If listening to the song "Accident Prone" doesn't produce some kind of emotion out of you (whether it be tears, anger, or more tears), you don't have a heart. Plain and simple. These demos from Blake's post Jawbreaker band, Jets to Brazil, are a win for any Schwarzenbach fan. They show the epic musical arrangements of JtB with the closest thing to Blake's raspy vocals JtB ever got (no gloss, just raw). There are only six songs included in the demo but there is also a dynamite live radio set of 12 songs that makes up for it. The live set was taken from a Japanese radio broadcast in 2001 and has songs from all three Jets to Brazil albums. Schwarzenbach is or was in a new band (they may or may not have broken up. information is sketchy on this band) called the Thorns of Life. They apparently recorded an album in early 2009 but no details have been released on when or if it will be released.

Track Listing Demo:
1. Chinatown
2. King Medicine
3. Lemon Yellow Black
4. Morning New Disease
5. Resistance Is Futile
6. Rose

Track Listing Live Radio Set:
1. Intro
2. You're the One I Want
3. Morning New Disease
4. You're Having the Time Of My Life
5. Lemon Yellow Black
6. Air Traffic Control
7. One Summer Last Fall
8. In the Summer's When You Really Know
9. Orange Rhyming Dictionary
10. Chinatown
11. Sea Anemone
12. William Tell Override

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