Friday, August 14, 2009

Beans On Toast- Bedroom Sessions

I couldn't find any good pictures of Beans On Toast (aka Jay Kay) for this post and it was pissing me off. Not only does he not have legit pictures on the Internet (come on even I have some of those(but really)) but the only official releases that he has are on various, random compilations. Come On! Get me a full length or even just an ep, I want to hear that shit on vinyl. All of my complaining aside, Beans On Toast is a great artist that writes simple, clever, optimistic, and upbeat songs about whatever and whoever he feels like writing a song about. Most of his songs are politically charged with a humorous spin but he does slip some songs about love in there as well. To be honest he reminds me a lot of Billy Bragg (something he knows and takes pride in) and Frank Turner. Anyways this is one of the few recordings that he has so I figured I'd post it. Beans On Toast also does a whole lot of touring, mostly in the UK and usually opening for badass bands (the last flyer I saw was of the Frank Turner/Fake Problems/Beans On Toast tour) so get on that.

Track Listing:
1. you look alot fitter on your myspace picture
2. wave goodbye to EMI
3. kate moss's birthday party
4. i fancy laura marling
5. the last romantic fools.
6. fuck the smoking ban
7. the big goodbye
8. today is the tomorrow that we thought about yesterday
9. i shot Tupac Shakur and all i got was this lousy t-shirt
10. no fit girls in NYC
11. thanks for fucking up the world for us
12. the country's gone to shit
13. the media circus
14. you fat bastard
15. health & safety
16. m.d.m.amazing
17. hippy crack
18. fancy dress frisbee
19. eggs benadict
20. can't buy me love
21. binge drinking
22. steven nolan and the chinese army
23. 9,450,000
24. braintree

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