Thursday, July 23, 2009

Frank Turner- Live At Pike's Garage + 'The Road'

I'm madly in love with Frank Turner. It's no secret. His music is so relatable, catchy, intense, emotional etc.(I could go on forever). This specific recording is a bootleg of a small show he did in Beverly and it is well worth taking a listen. Not only does he play an amazing set of songs (though the set list was incredibly short) but he also plays a song from his highly anticipated new album Poetry of the Deed ("Dan's Song"). During some of the songs you can hear one of the audience member's toddler singing along with Frank but never over him (it's also one of the cutest things ever). I also added in his new single at the bottom called "the Road" which is amazing as usual. His new album comes out in September so get ready for that because it will be completely and utterly bad ass.

Track Listing:
1. Nashville Tennessee
2. Dan's Song
3. Long Live The Queen
4. Photosynthesis
5. Thunder Road
6. Ballad Of Me And My Friends

Frank Turner- The Road


  1. This is amazing, thanks. Do you have any more frank turner boots?

  2. Yes! there are sooo many Frank Turner boots floating around the internet it's crazy. First here are some that I've posted in the past (in case you didn't find them):

    and then this is next one is a goldmine of all the frank turner boots you could ever want (though most of them are older):

  3. here`s a great soundboard-recording from this years vienna show: