Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cobra Skulls- Eat Your Babies

This is the first release from Reno punk/rockabilly band Cobra Skulls and it's a hard one to pin down. First off it's a solid ep of fast-paced punk rock with a little twang mixed in. But compared to CS' full lengths, the ep lacks the spark and uniqueness that Sitting Army and American Rubicon thrive on. The band have matured greatly, both musically and lyrically, since this debut ep and at times it's a little hard to believe it's the same band. If you haven't checked out Sitting Army and American Rubicon, do so immediately because they're both great punk rock records. And if you're a hardcore Cobra Skulls fan, you'll definitely want to download this ep.

Track Listing:
1. Cobra Skulls Broadcasting Co.
2. Cobra Cougar
3. Cobra Skulls Revolution
4. Donnie Rumsfelt My Cobra Skull Ass
5. That There's Cobra Country!
6. Cobra Skulls Lockdown
7. Stick It To The Cobra

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  1. ive been looking for a review on this ep for a while thanks! any idea where i can find it in its original format?