Saturday, April 4, 2009

Suburban Home- Spring/Summer Sampler

Since I still don't have my computer back I figured I'd post the Suburban Home Spring/Summer sampler. All of the bands on the sampler are worth checking out especially Drag the River, Yesterday's Ring, Joey Cape, and Ninja Gun. You can download the songs individually or all of them together here.

Track Listing:
1. Drag The River “I Remeber Now”
2. Drag The River “A Way With Women”
3. Yesterday’s Ring “Punx Not Dead…It’s Just Sleeping”
4. Jon Snodgrass “Remember My Name”
5. Jon Snodgrass “Song For Jake Nichols To Sing”
6. Mike Hale “Lives Like Mine”
7. Austin Lucas “Somebody Love You”
8. Austin Lucas “Precious Little Heart”
9. In The Red “Unlaced”
10. In The Red “Jet Breaker”
11. Stereotyperider “Twon Song”
12. Stereotyperider “Not Sayin It”
13. Two Cow Garage “Bastards and Bridesmaids”
14. Useless I.D. “Killing a Ghost”
15. Ninja Gun “Eight Miles Out”
16. Joey Cape “The Ramones are Dead”
17. Tim Barry “Tacoma”
18. Josh Small “Say Hello”
19. The Takers “Curse of a Drunk”
20. Jr. Juggernaut “Another Two Weeks”
21. Ghost Buffalo “Gold Disease”
22. Chad Price “Because It’s My Heart (Live)”
23. Chad Price “Hybrid Moments (Misfits Cover, Live)”
24. Two Cow Garage “Oh Darling (Beatles Cover, Live)”
25. Drag The River “Can’t Hardly Wait (Replacements Cover, Live)

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