Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Portugal the Man- Demos

These are some demos from the Waiter: You Vultures! album era of Portugal the Man. I've professed my love for this band many times on this blog and this is where all of the magic began. I'm pretty sure half of the songs on here have a drum machine playing and half have the real deal, which gives the songs even more of a r&b/soul vibe. Some of the vocals are pretty rough, but that's to be expected in a demo. Most of the songs that show up on Waiter have different tempos or different lyrics which makes it worth the listen.

Track Listing:
1. Clips Comprehend (Demo)
2. Showing Teeth (Demo)
3. Waiter (Demo)
4. How The Leopard Got Its Spots (Demo)
5. Pelican (Demo)
6. Monster (Alternate Version)
7. Bad, Bad Levi Brown (Demo)

PtM are releasing a new album July 21, called the Satanic Satanist. It will be amazing.

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