Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shining Through- Man vs. Wild

I was searching a few months back for bands that sounded similar to Weatherbox (and weren't old school Say Anything) and was pleasantly surprised by San Diego's Shining Through. Their sound is along the lines of Weatherbox, Criteria, and Piebald but with more hooks and a lot more pot. Shining Through definitely shares it's main sound with Weatherbox: the stoner-rock with winding guitars and meaningful lyrics that are lost in metaphors. Where the two differ is that Shining Through is more straight forward about their sound, which gives them a catchier sound and Weatherbox experiments more and takes more chances with their sound. Shining Through's Man vs Wild ep is a little addicting, especially to a Weatherbox lover like myself. The band released another ep called Shapeshifter that is up for free on but I decided to post this one because it's my favorite out of the two.

Track Listing:
1. Man Vs. Wild
2. Axed
3. The Smoke and The Sounds
4. When it Wasn't Fun
5. So We Say
6. I'm Okay
7. Hanging On A

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