Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Fad- Number 5/ Quit Your Band And Join The Fad

The Fad is a punk-ska band (with a hint of hardcore thrown in there) from Long Island. The band take peices from all their influences and manage to make it work. The high energy punk songs mixed with the dancy sing-along chorus ska songs make it hard to hard to stop listening. The lyrics on the older of the two eps, Number 5, are more directly political than the newer songs. Quit Your Band's production is a lot smoother and cleaner than Number 5.

Genre: Ska-Punk
Similar Artists: Arrogant Sons of Bitches, Public Access, The Flaming Tsunamis
Key Tracks: "Bright Lights", "Vinyl Paradise", "Nostalgia", "Make Room"
Track Listing: Number 5
1. Behind Closed Doors
2. The Blame Game
3. Don't Choke
4. Nostalgia
5. P.M.R.C.
6. The End
7. Starry-Eyed
8. Make Room

Quit Your Band and Join The Fad
1. Vinyl Paradise
2. Bright Lights
3. You're Only As Good As Your Drummer

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