Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bayside- Long Stories Short

This is the debut ep from the New York alt-punk band Bayside. Because it's their debut and it was released before the band's lineup was stable (singer Anthony Raneri is the only member who played on the ep that appears on other Bayside releases) their sound is different than the Bayside that we're used to. The most noticable difference is the absence of guitarist Jack O'Shea and his bad ass shredding. Nonetheless the ep is still worth checking, Raneri's lyrics are great as usual and it's straight-up mid-90's style punk rock. If you haven't picked up their newest disc Shudder, do so immediately because it is increadible.

Genre: Alt-Punk
Similar Artists: Alkaline Trio, Smoking Popes, The Get Up Kids
Key Tracks: "Advanced Letter Goodbye", "Days of My Life", "Downtime"
Track Listing:
1. Advanced Letter Goodbye
2. Foot Impressions
3. Days of My Life
4. Red Head vs. The Pretty Red Bracelette
5. Downtime
6. Ask For It

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