Monday, February 16, 2009

O Pioneers!!!- Neon Creeps

Neon Creeps is the sophomore effort from the Texas hardcore-punks and it's their best to date. With more anthemic themed songs, the addition of a bass player, and more energy than ever, Creeps is a definite step up from their debut Black Mambas. The album is incredibly upbeat, and for every time singer Eric Solomon puts himself down ("Chris Ryan Added Me On Facebook") there's a song to lift you back up ("My Life As A Morrissey Song").

Genre: Post-Hardcore
Similar Artists: Hot Water Music, Against Me!, Latterman
Key Tracks: "Saved By the Bell...", "Dead City Sound", "Stressing the Fuck Out", "Cool Kid City"
Track Listing:
1. Saved By The Bell Was A Super Cool Show
2. The Architect of Disney World
3. Dead City Sound
4. 9 A.M. Everyday
5. My Life As A Morrissey Song
6. Stressing the Fuck Out
7. I Have A Major Weightlifting Problem
8. Chris Ryan Added Me On Facebook
9. I So Told You So
10. Cool Kid City


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